Dramfool Jim McEwan Octomore 7.3 8 Years

Alles van Dramfool

Aromas - Brilliant opening aromas of peat moorlands in summer with the wind blowing in from the Ocean. The maritime influence works beautifully with the phenol notes from the heather covered peat fields. It’s a unique overture for the olfactory senses to enjoy.

Marine breezes, peat smoke, mellow oak, bourbon-soaked barrels, passion, pride and the skills of the distillers, it’s all as one in a Hebridean halo. Breathe deeply and enjoy the magic that is Islay.

Palate - The spirit is strong, smoky, warm and absolutely unique. Hand crafted, no computers, no nonsense, but packed with all the character of Islay and its people. The flavours of malt, the oak, the location, the Distillers and full maturation by the Atlantic Ocean. The barley grown on the Island, the farmers & their families make this a spirit that truly reflects the character of its birthplace.